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Shipping Policy

There are several key points to keep in mind when it comes to shipping.

We offer free shipping on all of the products storewide. Free shipping is standard ground shipping for smaller products while larger items that require LTL will be shipped by a standard LTL carrier. In the case where the customer would like to upgrade their shipping to faster shipping or to add any type of shipping accessories, the costs associated with doing so are not included in free shipping. In some cases there are no additional costs, however we reserve the right to pass on the additional cost to customers for any and all additional requested shipping services.

If an LTL shipment arrives damaged, it is the customers responsibility to follow the instructions in handling the shipment. If the instructions are not followed then the customer is voiding their claim to a replacement or partial refund. The first things is the BOL (Bill of lading) paperwork that needs to be signed at the time of delivery. If the customer signs the BOL without noting the damage to the product then the freight company is not liable to pay for the damage. Signing the BOL without noting the damage means that you are legally stating that the item was delivered free and clear with no damage. You are 100% responsible for opening the freight shipment and making sure the shipment is not damaged while the driver is there. If you see that there is damage to the unit when you open it, you have a legal right to reject the shipment, in which case, again, the reason for rejecting the shipment must be noted. If it is not noted then the freight company waives their liability and as a result we waive our liability. In the case of damaged LTL freight we want to help, but please understand that if you the customer do not handle the delivery properly we cannot be held liable. Thankfully freight damages are rare, but they do happen. In the case that there is freight damage. we are asking all of our customers to please take this seriously. In the case where there is damage but you would like to keep the order with a partial discount, please note the damage and accept the delivery. In both cases please take good pictures of both the product and the packaging and send them over along with a copy of the signed BOL to If its partial damage we will estimate the repairs and file an insurance claim with the freight company for that amount. That amount will be then refunded to you once we are awarded the claim; which usually takes 30 - 60 days. In the case were it is rejected, as long as you followed the instructions, we will send you a replacement unit right away. The process for ground shipments is the same but with no BOL. You must open a ground delivery as soon as your receive it. If you see damage please take good pictures of both the product and the packaging and send them over along with a copy of the signed BOL to We will file a claim whether a complete claim or a partial claim right away. A delay in reporting the damage can cause the claim to be rejected. Please try to send in the damage report along with pictures same day when the freight is delivered and the damage is discovered.

If you need a shipment rerouted before it has been delivered, please contact us right away.

In any case our commitment is to work quickly and efficiently to resolve any shipping issue that may come up. If you have any questions pertaining to shipping, don't hesitate to reach out. 

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