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Beartrap 14-1780 Recovery Tool


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The future of self-massage is here. Meet the Beartrap. The Beartrap is a groundbreaking device that provides muscle pain relief and recovery along with enabling full-body muscle release. Designed by an Australian physiotherapist & exercise physiologist with over 15 years' experience in treating musculoskeletal conditions, the Beartrap is revolutionary in every way. Horseshoe-shaped, the Beartrap features 12 mounting points, a variety of included attachments and limitless combinations that allow the device to be customized to the user's specific needs. Most massagers don't conform to the body. If they work on your body shape and size, terrific. If not, oh well. The Beartrap though is made to fit and accommodate all body shapes and sizes, enabling it to treat areas of the body previously neglected. Through muscle compression therapy, the Beartrap reinvents established and effective physiotherapy techniques into an easy to use tool that can be used at work, on the go, during a workout or after one.The included pack of attachments enables the full power and potential of the Beartrap. Versatile and multi-functional, the attachments allow the Beartrap to be the ultimate self-treatment device. The rollers are used to cover large areas of muscle, perfect for tight and sore muscles in the neck, thigh, calf or arm. Conversely, the trigger balls and cones are used to target more specific areas of tightness. The wave roller is designed for a more intense or deeper treatment while the flat roller is designed for more moderate or superficial treatment. The unique dual lock-off system ensures attachments stay securely in place, letting muscles get treated without any extra work. Dual Lock Cords let users add up to 10x the pressure that allow for a more hardcore, deeper treatment. A single Lock Cord can be used for soft and consistent muscle compression. At only 4.4 lbs., the Beartrap is light enough to take across the room or from room-to-room with ease. The Beartrap package comes complete with 2 Lock Cords (stored inside handles), 2 Rocket Rollers, 2 Trigger Cones, 2 Trigger Balls, 1 Stopper, 1 Attachment Holder and a handy carrying bag to hold it all. Also includes a full-color exercise poster featuring more than 15 exercises along with guidance on which attachments each uses. Flexible, so the Beartrap can flex and bend to match the body's natural curves. Using the Beartrap can help reduce physiotherapy and massage visits, saving time and money. Easy to clean needing only a warm, damp cloth and some mild soap. At about 15 inches tall and approximately 12 inches wide, the Beartrap is easy to store as well as to take on the go.

  • Country of Origin: China
  • SKU 14-1780
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