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Dycem CZ01FS1230CO , Cleanzone Floor Mat System, 4' X 10', Cobalt

by Dycem


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Now more than ever hospitals and long-term care facilities need a cleaner and safer environment for their staff and patients. The new Floating Floor Mats from Dycem help to control foot and wheel borne dust, bacteria and pathogens. They form part of an integrated Infection Control program and provide greater assurance, confidence and peace of mind. Contamination from floors can be tracked into other areas of the clinic or hospital from shoes, casters and wheels. The contamination then remains on the mat until cleaning takes place, preventing it being tracked and transmitted into other areas of the facility and transmission to high touch surfaces. Use it at entrances to key areas of the hospital or facility to attract, collect and retain contamination from feet and wheels. This floating floor mat can be placed over smooth or rough subfloors and can be self-installed with ease without the need for permanent installation. It is suitable in locations where long-term adhesion to the subfloor is not possible. The new system can be used at all entrances to clinic and treatment rooms to prevent the ingress of microbial contamination, all exits to reduce the risk of cross infection and inside critical areas to reduce airborne microbes. It can also be used in corridors to prevent cross contamination. Floating Floor Mats are ideal for Out-patient Clinics, Therapy Clinics, Rehabilitation Centers, Isolation Wards, Intensive Care units, Temporary Wards, Aseptic Units, Microbiology Departments, Pharmacy Departments. These mats are pre-assembled, adhered onto a 1/16" thick isolator membrane and cold-welded edging to the Dycem material, ensuring a strong bond during its life-cycle. The underside of the floating is an impervious vinyl layer resistant to moisture, which is non-absorbent and contains multiple peduncles in order to minimize subfloor show through and maintain rigidity of the Dycem product. Making it a long lasting, cost effective solution compared with peel-off mats and other alternatives. Effective in removing up to 99.9% of foot and wheel contamination and up to 75% of airborne contamination. It reduces microbial counts due to Biomaster, a high performance anti-microbial additive in all Dycem products. Available in a range of colors for color-coding critical locations and providing clear demarcation between clean and dirty areas. Easy to clean and maintain, incorporating into existing cleaning standard operating procedures. Simply agitate the contamination on the surface with a damp mop and squeegee dry. This mat comes in Cobalt and measures 4' by 10'.

  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • SKU CZ01FS1230CO
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