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Web-Slide 10-5109BS Exercise Rail, Stainless Steel, 3 Rails, 28" Each/84" Total, Basic Set


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Web-Slide Exercise Rails offer nearly all the benefits of training with weights, without needing actual weights. Instead of weights, the Web-Slide works in conjunction with exercise bands and tubing. Bands and tubing offer progressive resistance, allowing users to work out and advance comfortably at their own pace. Versatile and effective, these three 28" sections of Web-Slide Exercise Rail are a wall-mounted, lightweight exercise station. The key to the Web-Slide's effectiveness are the five anchor points on each rail which are spaced apart at 5" intervals. The versatility comes in how the rails are mounted for use. The three rails can be placed together vertically to create a 7? station with 15 anchor points. Alternatively, the individual rails can be separated and mounted in different locations and at varying heights to create specialized exercise stations. The included EZ Lock Safety Slides are the conduit that safely secures the exercise tubing and bands to the anchor points on the rails. Also included is a 24" 16-position storage rack to hold exercise tubes and bands. There are also 12 Rubber Saddle Web Anchor Straps which help users with weak grips, extend the life of tubes and bands by protecting against friction and enable even more exercises. Once the tube or band is secure, users can begin working out. The Web-Slide is ideal for upper-body workouts that can be as strenuous or as easy as the patient prefers. The unit is fantastic for decreasing shoulder pain and increasing shoulder range-of-motion. Because the workouts are height adjustable, the Web-Slide can also be used for lower body workouts targeting the ankles, knees and hips. Simple to install and simple to use, the Web-Slide is a terrific addition to any fitness facility or home gym. Please note, this is 3 (three) 28" stainless steel Web-Slide Exercise Rails for a total of 84". Complete package includes the rails, the storage rack, the 12 Rubber Saddle Web Anchor Straps, mounting hardware and one EZ Lock Safety Slide for each rail. There's also a complete set of assembly instructions. Please note, the rails must be mounted onto wood or metal studs. Exercise bands, tubing and other related accessories are available separately. Changing the anchor point being used changes the difficulty and effectiveness of the exercise being performed. Compatible with exercise band and tubing accessories such as fitness bars and handles. Can be used standing or sitting, allowing users to focus their work on the upper or lower body and advance at a pace comfortable to them. So versatile, the Web-Slide will work with nearly all exercise tubing and bands. Easy to clean, needing just a warm damp cloth and some mild soap.

  • Country of Origin: United States
  • SKU 10-5109BS
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